How to do Green Screen on a Mac with iMovie

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hello this is Carl here and this is just a quick tutorial not an expert one just a quick one on how to do green screen because I get asked a lot so this is iMovie which comes as part of the Mac operating system so I love Mac so much because everything you need to be amazing in ministry is built right into your Mac so I didn’t really plan this through so let me go through here and click on one of my events on a Mac you organize things into events so here’s a puppet some different puppet things you can see that we filmed a green screen and so I can fast forward so let’s do a quick green screen with Ranger Granger this Hill takes some editing or cropping so I’m gonna go up to file and I’m gonna do a new movie and that may have been off your screen you always hit no theme those themes are dumb and I’ll give this name green screen sample or says green sample so now I’ve got a new movie now I can choose from all these different events on the side this is all actors that we have imported you know this is your raw footage in your events but down here I had green screen video so here so I can scroll through all these and I’m gonna pick that one with Ranger Granger alright and I’m gonna drag that movie down here okay now that is my main movie backdrop like I’m gonna make this a little bigger so you could see a little more of it but how do I replace that green it’s kind of funny there so what I do is I go online and I look for pictures right so I think I have one here called temporary images yes these are all backdrops that I have used for various events all right or various videos I just actually put the word scene in Google like I’ll say Church scene forest scene and Google’s great offense so let’s take this forest scene now the backdrop actually becomes the video and what I mean by that is the backdrop doesn’t go on top it actually goes down in your timelines I’ve got to get back to the beginning here and I’m gonna drop it right there the green screen actually needs to go up on the top okay now an image and iMovie you can drag this image and make it as long as you want let me shrink timeline I’m gonna make this go all the way then you you edit the green screen so I’m gonna hit play here for a second audio starts here alright so this is a video I’m gonna crop this that’s command B and I’ll get rid of that I’m gonna move that to the beginning and let’s see how much of a video we want to make so this is a little video I made that instead of just dismissing the kids made of greens so let’s pretend I’m gonna go all the way to here and let’s pretend everything after that just trash now I’m not destroying my originals because I’m only cropping what’s down in here my original one will still be upgrade so now I want to make this green screen a little top overlap the bottom well this first button up here is special features you have a choice for cutaway and what a cutaway would do would you be watching the movie here and it would switch to the other one alright but I don’t want cutaway I want green screen alright there’s also side by side what you use occasionally and that’s where the video on top would go half half that’s what the cutaway is and then or side by side and then picture and picture is where you can actually take another video and put it in the side so I movies pretty cool but that’s not what you’re watching this for you want to see green screen alright so I go to green screen you can use blue screen and you’ll see there there now all the green disappears now you’re gonna see there’s gonna be some fuzz this little eraser tool you click on that and you click on anywhere where there’s some fuzz and it it adjusts the lighting so that’s just a cool feature so sometimes there’s a dark shadow or something but we also have a problem here that you still see when you’re right so you also can click on crop and go crop to fill and get rid of Carl’s my little head here by just cropping this up and I can decide I want it off to the side we should probably just Center them and when I click out of here it’s dead so now there is my green screen video so in iMovie it is not hard to do there’s a little ins and outs that you’ll learn as you crop and things but you play with it it’s a lot of fun so to finish this off if that were the whole video I would go down to the bottom to make the background the same length when you see the background moving that’s one of the dumb defaults I’m gonna go back to crop it it’s on Ken Burns now that can be cool you can say start here and zoom you know and end up here and so if you play that macro you’ll see it’ll start in but really in a backdrop you don’t want it moving so I’m just gonna go to crop I’m gonna go crop to fill and my graphic obviously is taller so you could actually decide where you want it probably the bottom is where I water and now that backdrop they move so then I just go to share and I don’t use any of this stuff posting to Facebook and YouTube directly doesn’t give you a lot of control so just export it to a file and then you give it there’s always a description but you want to give it a name I’m gonna change this to green screen sample and let’s see it says it’s only to be 27 megabytes so I think I could go a little higher in quality and that’s the resolution don’t use this add to theater waste a lot of space in your computer there’s a there’s a place called theater where you can save all your videos but you’ve exported it you don’t want it on your computer twice so I’m gonna hit next and then it’s going to ask me where I want to save it and I think I’ll just put it right on the desktop and hit save and there’s a little progress bar where you’ll be able to see how long it takes and when it’s all done you will have a green screen video so while that’s exporting let me just see if I’ve got a couple samples here of projects that I’ve done with green screen and maybe I can show you what an official one looks like looks like it’s loaded a bunch of stuff here so let me open this project and here you can see some intro stuff alright then a backdrop and then some teaching there and I think that’s a oh this is my whole service so that’s what the green screen video looks like right actors talking in front of a screen where is a problem you see if I can find a project that’s actual green screens that’s the service I was my regi background let’s see here video file ok so we open this project this is the actual green screen project so here’s where an intro and then our our videos up here the backdrops are down here these are these have different little features that’s why it’s broken up like this so they did that we put transitions in here’s the next one kind of a Minecraft screen capture and that’s the so looks like that is done so now if I go to my desktop I should be able to find green screen sample and open that up and I’ll put it right in the middle so you can see it and there you go and there is our green screen video that we just made now if you want to see the full green screen video Ranger Granger I’ll link that in the comments but it’s on my youtube channel alright hopefully this is helpful have fun doing green screen

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