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hi guys this is Tim from your chick studios in this video today I’m gonna show you how to add a green screen to your PlayStation camera and share Factory let’s go ahead and jump to that for you right now alright let’s go ahead and add that green screen to our track – so you guys maybe know how to do this already but go to X the plus sign on the screen on the bottom left and go to add track – this is where we can add our recording for audio add clip our video recording so we can do that from here first we want to what we’re gonna want to do is to switch it from normal to green screen so how do we do that press triangle on your your controller and then from here we can go ahead and press X and you have the options for cut out green screen white screen if you have a plain white screen you can have a similar effect uh as a green screen let’s go ahead and use the green screen because that’s what we have right now so that’s my camera from here you can adjust it in terms of your camera tuning the sharpness saturation hue contrast you can adjust it all from here I can add my contrast a little bit that looks a little bit better guys huh I don’t want to go out with saturation because my lighting the lighting has to be like perfect with the PlayStation camera it seems like it’s gotta be directly at you with the the PC camera as you can see this guy’s face right here doesn’t need to be nearly as a as bright which is helpful but my saying you start cutting out everything in the background that’s what I want also from here you can add a different tolerance level to adjust even further and then feathering around the edges of your cutout isn’t exactly the way you want in terms like the sidings and stuff do you see it a little bit like it’s getting faded out here on the sides this these are actually green headsets so this might get cut out here too if I adjust everything further enough so go to go to here your tolerance level if you bring all the way down your green screen comes back so you can adjust your tolerance to further the facilitate your green screen in the background and get it exactly how you want to get that cut out perfect so make sure you go to green screen on your menu here otherwise it’s not gonna cut that up also pan and zoom and you can pan out from here you can see my background here it’s all checkered and then and then you can see part of my house let’s go ahead and zoom in right up on my mug perfect guys right isn’t that good so there we go we add the last green screen let’s go ahead and just record to see how it looks and then I’m going to add it over my gameplay now if you have ever stream from your PlayStation camera this is a little bit different view than you normally would get for some reason is much wider then your PlayStation scream streaming camera your streaming camera is only like a box right it’s only a square this one is a much wider rectangle for some reason so this is some gameplay I had where I was playing blackout and I begin the wind right here there was some invisible guy under the water for some reason I didn’t know where he was but I’m just freaking out right now that’s not relevant however and the green screen is so let’s go and look at that cuttle reason so this is some gameplay I had where I was playing blackout in the wind right here there’s some yeah so that’s the cutout right now we can make it a little bit bigger so you can see everything there so I mean it doesn’t look that bad once you get the the coloring right I say maybe my place and my PC camera is out perfect in terms of coloring looks like my face is very very tan I’m now that tan guys live in Wisconsin so from here on up we can adjust where we want the picture so go to square the the tool symbol going to edit track to my man and go ahead and go to square again the tool again and we can change the layout where we want if we want our cut out to be full screen we can go ahead and do that so let’s look at that full screen yeah so you can change where you have it in terms of your layout go back to edit track to go back to your tool once you back out here um bottom right bottom left top left center swivel how long would the swivel look I’m curious because Oh freak you know right now alright so let’s go ahead and head attract – I want to try one more of those for the VIP let’s go offset because the offset no let’s go buy side by side I think it just has a just plain yeah PlayStation background oh this is some gameplay I had so that’s how it kind of gets cut out and attract – again but you can still adjust some stuff after you recorded everything as you can see if you don’t want that green screen you can cut it out right here just go to normal again by pressing X and going to this option menu again what we did at the beginning of the video otherwise so you can just go to cut out let’s go back to green screen and go to the tool again pan and zoom you can pan and zoom from this option – after you record the video see you can go to setting you can adjust your tolerance level and feathering still a little bit more after and also you can change your backdrop this is kind of interesting so let’s see okay so you saw that picture when I did that thing before let’s go back to the backdrop delete my backdrop I just accidentally added one so you have some pictures right thank you guys you know saved throughout your history of using a Playstation and you know I think every time you get like an achievement it saves so you can add random stuff like that to your background so let’s let’s add some random clip I have here I saw me I did it victory wears a fortnight clip who’s this guy’s face and today let’s go to my posse and for name so there we go I can add that as my background so maybe I have my full face kind of like I’m doing now I got the full face on there and then I have you know something the background so kind of like I did for my intro for this video you can do that on here on your Playstation by messing around what your p IP options your layout for that and then adding a different background or adding a different gameplay if you want your fullscreen face up here like I’m doing now and then adding gameplay in the background are just a solid picture so you can adjust everything kind of the way you want it kind of like you can on the place to add me on the PC which is very convenient and nice and I applaud Sony for adding that thank you guys for watching how to add a green screen to your face cam on your share factory video at around PlayStation this is Tim if you enjoyed this video I want to help do go ahead and leave me a like and thumbs up and that would help my channel quite a bit once again thank you signing out

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